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Aspiring Lawyer

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An avid phiosophy buff and an aspiring lawyer I am a person of varied interests. My interests range from football, international politics, debates, philosophy, coding, to just about anything under the sun. Due to my diverse range of hobbies, most people confuse me for a person who wants to master everything at once, however that is not the case. I believe that by narrowing one's interests down to one passion a person can go more than a mile down the road called life.

When your interests range from international taxation to Nietzsche's philosophy, it becomes difficult to summarise "what motivates you" in a few lines. I always look for something new that can excite me. I have recently come to develop a love for the law and its nuances. The aspect of law that excites me is its cohesive ability to keep society civilised and bolster progress at a level that goes beyond the individual, while also prioritising and ushering individual rights as its foundation.

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Being a debater at heart, my expierence revolves around intellectual and verbal extra-curriculars that involve the extensive and creative use of a mix of writing, speaking and convincing skills

July - August 2018

Legal Intern

Chakraborty and Associates

As one of five legal interns, I drafted various due diligence reports, petitions for loan disputes and gained a lot of experience in the domain of arbitration.

2010 - 2013

CBSE Eastern Region Science fair

Ranked Second

For project Visio a sound-wave powered cane for the visually challenged.

2015 - 2016

De Facto member

Interact Club

Contributed towards the social inclusion of the mentally challenged children at Manovikas Kendra, Kolkata.

2013 - 2015

Board Member

Student Council, DPS Ruby Park

Facilitated the set up of sexual harassment & education body, and the Food Fighters Initiative.


Initially a science student, I am now training to be a lawyer with a specialisation in the domain of International Taxation, and in corporate M&A

Jindal Global Law School
Bachelor of Law and Business Administration
Delhi Public School Ruby Park Kolkata
AISSCE in Science with Computer Science
Delhi Public School Ruby Park Kolkata
AISCE (Grade X)


Dissecting the psyche of a murderer- The perfect test of insanity

Criminal Law Paper

Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems and the need for humanity in weapons

Legal Ethics Paper

Death Note: A Re-evaluation of vigilante justice

Jurisprudence Paper

A review of the Atheist's Manifesto

Manifesto Review

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Kolkata, West Bengal, India